Do You Think the News Is Healthy for You? Shock and Drama Or Something Positive?

Have you ever watched the news on a daily basis for long period of time? Do you notice how you feel after watching the news? Many times people become much more worried and pessimistic moviestarplanet hack about the world after watching the news. It is estimated that there are seven or eight negative stories in ratio to two candy crush saga hack or three positive stories.

If you think about the reason for this, it makes sense. Human beings are much more attracted to shocking drama then they are anything else. This is why we love watching reality TV shows where it shows pixel gun 3d cheat tool all of the families’ issues and dysfunctions. Unfortunately, I believe this is leading to a downfall in our society.

Can you imagine if we reversed the ratios line cookie run hack of positive and negative stories on the news? Any idea what would happen if we did so? I believe that people would truly start becoming more concerned with becoming people of high morals and values. Our unconscious mind cannot filter geometry dash hack out the difference between good and bad.

For example, if you are trying to quit smoking cigarettes, you cannot say hay day hack to yourself I have to quit smoking cigarettes. All the unconscious mind years is smoking cigarettes. Instead, you must replace the entire statement of smoking cigarettes with something positive. Let’s say for example every time you wanted a cigarette, instead you decided to send a positive text message to one person pixel gun 3d cheats saying something great about them. This example may not work for everyone, but the point is to always think positive and good things.

If the new started putting stories about heroes, hungry shark evolution hack good corporate citizens, wonderful charitable organizations that did something great today, learning how a particular individual solved a problem in their life, and any other positive story on the front page of the paper each day, it would completely change the lives of every individual in America. You could pixel gun 3d cheats instill great values, morals, and integrity and people by printing stories about merits of hard work, people who have accepted full responsibility for their lives, and people that are trying to make a difference in their community. I believe this is the only hay day cheat way we are ever going to change who we are as a country and a society.

From now on, make it a rule of thumb to start talking positive to everyone that you meet. Try not to engage in negative conversation whatsoever. hay day hack Look for inspirational stories that happen throughout the world and pass them on to your peers.

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