Post Modernism, Morals and Ancient Greece

Some ways hay day hack of thinking are better than others.

Some people would argue that certain shadow fight 2 hack methods of thinking are better than others, such as only using logic or only looking at ones emotions to come to a conclusion. Many people apply strictly there morals in their thinking, or they conform to Post Modernism and say that truth is relative and that their answer might not be true for everyone else. covet fashion cheats However humans cannot function in a world where there is no absolute truth. In order to accurately think and assess issues one hungry shark evolution cheats must use a combination of thinking methods to come to the right conclusion.

Post Modernism says hungry shark evolution cheat that there are no absolute truths; for our government and our nation as a whole to function their needs to be some absolute truths including the truths about the punishments that will come from breaking the law. Also the main statement of Post Modernism is moviestarplanet hack an absolute truth therefore the Post Modernism way of thinking is internally flawed and should not be used when coming to conclusions. Another option boom beach hack free that one could take is the use of feelings in coming to conclusions. However once again this method is flawed. For one could make rash decisions in the heat of anger, or make poor choices when one feels rushed or pressured. Emotion is fleeting and cannot be trusted in helping humanity to make correct choices.

Morals have always been an important part of this world. In ancient Athens the men where very upset at Plato because they thought he pixel gun 3d cheat was corrupting the morals of their young men. However this was the exact opposite of what he was doing, for in reality he was giving them the gift of reasoning. Morals by themselves however are do not always lead to the correct conclusion, because they do not look at all of the different angles. That is why in order to think correctly one must use their morals and logic to come to conclusions. Logic by itself is often a good place to start because hungry shark evolution cheats it takes a non-biased approach each time that you use it to tackle a problem, but when it is used by itself often the point of the problem is lost by the obviouse logical solutions. However these logical solutions do not always lead to hungry shark evolution hack a solution that best befits the problem, and that is why morals should be added into the thinking process. This keeps the thinker in the right frame of mind to think of the best possible solution or answer.

When one is xbox live code generator thinking about a question or problem they need to use logic and their morals to come to a conclusion. If Post Modernism is brought into the equation then their thinking time is wasted because their solution may or may not be right for line rangers hack everyone. Furthermore if emotion is allowed to enter, then their emotions could lead them into making the wrong decision based on the feelings that they are experiencing at that exact moment. Morals are the backbone of humanity but they must be paired with logic in order to hungry shark evolution hack come to a complete thinking process.

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