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Dear Dr. Warren,

I am wishing you’ll be able to assist me. I never really had a challenge fulfilling women and fun on times, but after about 30 days or two, I have found myself personally becoming jealous of additional guys, therefore just gets far worse from there. To start with she’ll believe it is kind of attractive, however it turns out to be a proper issue. A female I really liked lately dumped myself over it, plus it tossed me personally because I imagined we had outstanding thing heading. Inside experience, is jealousy something can go out after a while with all the proper individual, or is it my character to be like this?
John in Tewksbury, MA


Dear John,

Many thanks for the exceptional concern. First off, i do want to commend you for identifying a behavior in yourself you’ve seen affects your relationships negatively. 2nd, In addition need ensure you that envy is a thing you can work with so that it does not have to come between you and some one you have strong feelings for.

Basically, jealousy is actually a harmful emotion that come up in several kinds of conditions. When it happens in romantic interactions and it is guided toward other people who connect to your lover, it signals a fear about dropping your partner to a potential competitor. That concern might be grounded on some form of insecurity you have about yourself in relation to the item of your own jealousy. Getting jealous of who your lover interacts with can also be a sign of low self-esteem.

John, the first step to overcoming envy should understand your personal motivations, therefore I would like you to take some time for you to consider how you view yourself—both great traits and not-so-good qualities.

Initially think about your most readily useful characteristics and also the locations inside your life your the majority of pleased with. On the most useful time if you were to describe your many positive qualities, what might you say? Sometimes it are a good idea to additionally ask a detailed buddies or friends how they view you, also, since they tends to be an excellent supply of a lot more objective details. Whether it helps, take to creating an inventory.

Upcoming, i really want you to think about the insecurities which you have about yourself and your life. It can be difficult to evaluate these accurately, but it is important to realize jealousy begins first with an overly adverse self-judgment. This unfavorable wisdom will be when compared with a notion of another the person you evaluate become much better than you for some reason. These “better-than/less-than” reviews result in the most harm to you in person prior to starting to damage your interactions with others.

Whenever jealous views come to be jealous behaviors interactions are broken. It could start as a cold-shoulder or dirty appearances, but quickly escalates and erupts in bad reviews and accusations toward your partner by herself, despite the reality she’s completed nothing wrong. By misjudging your lover’s commitment fidelity or ethics, you may be accidentally disrespecting this lady. In healthy interactions, both partners choose to be through its mate—it is actually a choice—and count on may be the connection that keeps them with each other and helps to keep harmful envy from the image.

Next time you might be up against a predicament which envious feelings toward another man beginning to appear, I want you to-do the annotated following:



Jealousy is certainly something you can get over in order to commence to take pleasure in more happy and more romantic relationships with women. Keep in mind that while couple of would believe nothing is like the convenience of once you understand our lover “belongs” to us, the reality is we “belong” to every other—by option. Envious conduct is also a selection, but it’s among control. By using measures to conquer envy in your relationships, you’ll give-up the requirement to control your lover in order to meet your very own anxiety, and you should in addition free your self through the all-consuming clasp of jealousy that controls you.

Tell us the way you carry out.

Dr. Neil Clark Warren

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