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Do you wonder if it is true that &25589;londes have more fun? In the media blondes are constantly portrayed that way. They seem to always be fun loving and the life of the party. Famous actresses such as Marilyn Monroe, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Cameron Diaz are known for their golden hair. Have you ever wished you were blonde? Even for a day? If you do, then you are not alone. Many dark haired women are, at the very least, curious about how they would look as a blonde. Many go as far as striping and dyeing their hair, sometimes with less than stellar results. The fact is, if you are a woman who would like to experience being a blonde, but don&25264; want to actually modify your natural hair, you still can make a dramatic change in appearance without any dramatic means other than buying a great looking blonde wig. What a simple solution: fabulous blonde wigs.

Blonde isn&25264; just one color. There are many variations of &25589;londe?such as flaxen, yellow, platinum blonde, sandy blonde, golden blonde, strawberry blonde, dirty blonde, and ash-blonde. check more In addition, designer blond wigs come in unique fashion colors that were developed by the more details designer&25263; wig manufacturer. For example, the wig manufacturer of Raquel Welch wigs is HairUWear. They have developed with Raquel Welch many variations of blonde colors that run the gamut from the palest shades to rich red and brown cast blondes. The Raquel Welch swatch color names reflect the range from palest blonde, Swedish blonde, ginger blonde, glazed sand, ginger blond, and butterscotch to glazed strawberry, and glazed apricot. All of these extraordinary varieties of colors fall under the blond category. Every wig manufacturer has their blond wig category of both synthetic and human hair wigs.

When it comes to shopping for blonde wigs there is no better wig boutique than At e-Wigs you will find a wide variety of blonde wigs from all the top designers such as Jon Renau, Revlon, Louis Ferre, Henry Margu, Wig Pro and many more. You share this website will find short styles, medium styles, and long styles of blond wigs. You will find a vast array of blonde wig shades and variations. To help you pick out the exact blonde that you are looking for e-Wigs suggests you purchase a color ring. Each wig manufacturer&25263; color ring(s) lets you see exactly what their wigs?colors look like. e-Wigs offer this option because they understand that the color you see on your computer monitor may not be accurate. The best part is once you have chosen a color, you are able to return the color ring, and you will receive your money back minus the shipping cost. The customers that take advantage of the Color Ring Loaner Program are entitled to color insurance offering you the option of one free exchange of your wig purchase in case of you not being happy with its color. With that kind of customer service in mind, it is no surprise that also offers a guarantee of the best price on their entire blonde wigs selections, as well as free shipping in the continental US on all their wig products.