Blog Design How To Make Your Blog Gain And Maintain Readership

Blog Design: How To Make Your Blog Gain And Maintain Readership

One of the most important aspects of your web log is, of course, your blog design. You should have something that is easy to navigate while still being interesting and looking clean. If you currently have a blog layout that is hard to use, should you change it up or is doing it risky?
Some people find that changing their blog design might affect their readership. If your readers are used to a certain layout that you have been using for a long time, chances are, they might get surprised when you decide to change it up. If the new layout improves your overall blog and can make people use your website easier, then it might not affect your readership at all. New visitors obviously will not be affected, but your loyal users will have opinions about it. If it is cleaner and looks better than before, then your readers will be able to maximize the use of your blog.
However, it is a different story if your new blog design makes your site more cluttered and harder to navigate. This will definitely make a big impact on your number of visitors and users. Some people might quit going check more to your blog altogether if they do not like how your new blog looks. When you hear a lot more details of people complaining about how your site is worse off than your previous layout, this means that your redesign was a complete failure and you should consider revert it back to the way it was before. Be sure to listen to your readers’ comments and suggestions on how to make your site better. The website exists because you want it to be a platform where you can house your thoughts, but your readers make it successful. If you lose readership, then your blog will not be popular.
One tip to make your blog design work is by making sure that you are using colors that are easy on the eyes. You want your readers to stay as long as possible on your blog to read your content, and loud and bold colors will definitely have them clicking the close love here share this website button on their browser after a few minutes (or even seconds). Stay away from neon colors as they can make your eyes squint. Use solid and warm colors as backgrounds of your website’s layout. Something that is easy on the eyes will work.
Another thing that you should do is choosing a font face for your text that is easy to read. Steer away from fancy scripts and fonts that are too heavy. Readers go to your blog to read what you write, so make them easy to read.
Blog design is one of the most important things that you should consider when you are putting up your own web log on the Internet. It can attract a visitor if your initial layout looks inviting and nice, but it can also repel a potential reader if it is too messy and hard to use. Look at successful websites and their layouts so you can have a peg of how your layout should look like if you incorporate it on your blog. Take into consideration the different functionality of the layout’s overall design and you will have an easier time thinking of your own blog design.